Project Management

Project Management: History and Evolution

Project management, as we know it at present began to stretch its branches only a few decades ago, yet it was mounting around civilization from the beginning of history.

project management history Project Management

History & Evolution

With an objective of maximum productivity with minimum participation, and to breed imagination into realism, human need for an optimal management system that can trigger workforce efficiency to yield product, that is predetermined and objectified was outlining a management system within the growth of human perception though out its evolution.

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What Is Project Management?

Project Management Delivery Project Management

Project Management Delivery

There is plenty of speculation available concerning the definition of project management. However, what is project management in actuality? What do managers have to be knowledgeable about in order to create projects that are successful? We are going to talk about the basic concepts of project management.

People are born with the ability to solve problems. When a difficult issue hinders us from achieving our goals or other positive things that we want to achieve, we use all of our known resources to devise a plan that will solve those issues and help us get what we want. Via projects we try to find answers for the issues that are presently stopping us from reaching our goals.

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Improving Performance
Project Estimating
Implement a PMO
Project Performance Project Management
This article provides an overview of improving a project’s performance, why it’s important, and how to use lessons learnt
Project Estimating Project Management
This article shows the invaluable planning phases as you develop your estimate of total project cost
Project Management Office Project Management
Implementing a Successful Project Management Office (PMO).

Benefits of Project Management Certifications

Project Management Professional (PMP) and Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) are highly recognized by many leading organizations today. The CAPM certification aims to ensure proper project management skills and knowledge are properly instilled in the project leads. Anyone with a PMP credential is honored to hold the role as the Project Manager as this certificate is an identification of professionalism in Project Management.

PMP guidelines are designed to measure experience, education and professional knowledge.
Getting accredited with a Project Management program certification by any renowned University or School is truly important as it helps to increase your market value as you scale. This is beneficial for your future career growth and expansion.


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